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Celebrating International Day of Women and Girls in Science!

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On February 11th, we honor the incredible contributions of women in STEM fields worldwide, standing alongside pioneers such as Dr. Rosalind Franklin, Dr. Marie Curie, and Dr. Barbara McClintock. From their groundbreaking discoveries to our innovative research today, women continue to shape the future of science.

At DePoly, we're privileged to have remarkable women leading the charge in innovation. Today, we're thrilled to spotlight three of our team members:

Dr. Samantha Anderson: CEO-Cofounder

“I was always into science as a kid, I loved to do experiments with things in the kitchen like baking soda and vinegar. As I went through school, science was always my favourite subject as I liked learning how and why things worked. So naturally as I progressed into university I decided to do a Ph.D in chemistry. We founded DePoly to tackle the worlds plastic problem using simple and sustainable chemistry. Solutions like ours need to happen now so that we can minimize the impact that we as humans have and have already had on the climate, environment and ecosystems.”

Dr. Pelin Uran : Head of Research and Development

“My interest in science started during my childhood with the realization that it gives me the answers for most of my questions: Where are these clouds coming from? Why do we sometimes need to use antibiotics? How does a lighter work? As time passed, my interest began to focus more on chemistry-related subjects and my story continued with me getting a chemical engineering degree - but it didn’t end there. I wanted to proceed further to satisfy my curiosity, then I did a PhD in chemistry. My scientific journey intersected with DePoly, and I wanted to continue doing what I’ve been doing since my childhood, this time in the world of plastics. Here I am, doing research for plastics every day, and the answers I get give me as much excitement as the day I learn about the formation of clouds.”

Dr. Sanaz Soodi: Laboratory Chemist

"As a woman, I am drawn into the science world by a natural curiosity and passion for better understanding of the world around me. Joining DePoly made a significant milestone in my professional journey, fuelled by a blend of ambition, alignment of values and eagerness to contribute to transformative innovation. DePoly is pioneer in addressing environmental challenges within innovative solutions and collaborating with like-minded individuals pushes my boundaries of knowledge and also provides me with the opportunity to contribute to the society through innovative research and discoveries."

Their achievements inspire us and remind us of the vital role women play in shaping the scientific landscape. Join us in celebrating these incredible women and all the women and girls making waves in STEM!

DePoly celebrating Women and Girls in Science Day
DePoly celebrating Women and Girls in Science Day

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Publié / February 11, 2024
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