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Join us in Celebrating the 7th Global Recycling Day - March 18th, 2024!

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On this significant occasion, DePoly is proud to raise awareness about recycling and our commitment to building a sustainable future.

Why Recycling Matters:

PET plastic is ubiquitous - found in clothing, bottles, packaging, shoes, and more. Shockingly, less than 10% of plastics are currently recycled, leaving over 90% to end up in landfills, incinerated, or polluting our environment and oceans. The Great Pacific Garbage Patch, estimated to be three times the size of France1, underscores the urgency of our mission. Moreover, with 10% of global oil production currently dedicated to producing new plastic, and projections indicating a rise to 20% by 2050, the need for action is clear.

Our Journey:

In 2018, our three co-founders, Dr. Samantha Anderson, Dr. Bardiya Valizadeh, and Dr. Christopher Ireland, were alarmed by research revealing plastics in humans and animals. Frustrated by the lack of response from the market, they leveraged their expertise in chemistry and engineering to address the plastic waste crisis. Thus, DePoly was born in 2020 with a vision to establish a sustainable circular economy for plastics.

Our Solution:

DePoly's revolutionary technology converts unsorted, dirty, post-consumer PET plastic into virgin-grade raw materials, eliminating the need for oil in new plastic production. The resulting PTA and MEG are of virgin-grade purity, enabling an infinite loop of production, usage, and recycling without the need for additional heat or pressure for this process to happen.

Our Impact:

As the construction of our 500 Tons per year showcase plant is underway, and paves the way for our future 50’000 Tons per year commercial plant, we are proud to contribute to a more sustainable future. Our solution reduces carbon footprint, increases the supply of rPET, and fosters a circular economy for plastics.

Join the Movement:

Together, let's continue to make a meaningful impact and rethink recycling for a better tomorrow! 🌍♻️

It's the 7th Global Recycling Day
It's the 7th Global Recycling Day


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